Hi! My name is Maria and I am delighted that you’re here on my site.

A little bit about me, well… I am mom to a boy, 9 years old.  I am engaged to the man of my dreams. I am a U.S. Navy veteran, OEF, if you must know.  I am also a mental health advocate, living w/ fibromyalgia, depression & PTSD.  I work on websites and make them work.  I have 5 cats, which makes me a cat lady. I am also a bag & jewelry designer and maker.  My faith, Catholicism, has been a great catalyst in my mental health recovery.  I blog about all these things at www.lfmh.co.

Some more about me?

Having been in the deep end of bad mental health, I bring a very specific set of skills that can help you out.  I am a self-care coach.  This means that I can help you reach your goals in self-care without over-indulging.  In other words, I will teach you self-care and time management, so you achieve your goals, without burnout.  Sometimes, we are so focused in doing, doing, doing, and then, when we’re on the brink of a breakdown, we realize we overdid it.  Then we can go on the other extreme.  Indulging, indulging, indulging, and then we realize we got nothing done.  I can help you achieve the balance needed to reach your goals without burning out.  Especially as women, we are wives, we are mothers, and we are entrepreneurs.  And there’s a lot that goes in with that, as all 3 jobs require our constant attention.

I am working on getting together a team of experts that can help my clients out in specific areas that are not necessarily my expertise.  Keep tuned in for that.

I don’t have all the answers, but together we can get there.